Modular design for sensor research

Modular design for sensor research

As an EE, I’d envy my mechanical engineer colleagues as they design structures, machines etc. This brought me to a master degree in Mechanical Engineering.

My way to experience building is to design structures related to sensor mounting and apparatus for sensor calibration. Calibration and sensor placement play an important role on determining optimal measurement ranges, measurement reliability and accuracy. During prototyping, it is important to have some flexibility on sensor placement, as several other variables are not in steady-state mode.

LEGOs are the perfect tool for that. Besides that, playing [sic] working with LEGOs is fun and stimulates my brain when I’m exhausted from coding.

Further on, when the design is stable, 3D printing has been a good choice for sensor placement.

Below you can find photos of some of the apparatus for placement and calibration I did, using LEGOs and 3D printing. These are part of the following projects:

The Rulers 3D apparatus was designed in collaboration with Anthony Piciacchia.

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MIT Media Lab sportsemble project

Photograph credits
photos by: Carolina Brum Medeiros, under CC license