Jean Asselin - mime

mime motion samples

Motion analysis of┬áskilled motor performance is a hard task. The glory and the curse of having a subject that doesn’t know how to break the system (motion capture triangulation) is the most interesting part of the work.

This project is directed by Arnaud Petit and Fabrice Marandola. It counts with the geniality of Jean Asselin, and human motion research by Marcelo Wanderley and myself. The motion capture acquisition was design by me, with essential assistance of Catherine Massie-Laberge. The acquisitions were performed at CIRMMT.

Jean Asselin: the mime from missperovaz on Vimeo.

Jean Asselin

artistic direction:
Arnaud Petit
Fabrice Marandola

human motion research:
Marcelo M. Wanderley
Carolina Brum Medeiros

motion capture design:
Carolina Brum Medeiros
Catherine Massie-Laberge

laboratory facilities: