Siedler Dance Company

Sensors and Actuators on Dance and Installations

I’ve been informally engaged on a few friends projects intersecting art and technology. One day I finally took a leap on it, collaborating with the Siedler Dance Company in its Territorios Imaginarios show.

For this work, I designed light-weight wearable arduino-like boards – farrapinos. There are 16 of them, along with several sensors and actuators interacting with both dancers and attendees.

this is a teaser of the work in progress in studio back in 2010

this is part of the show at the Dance Bienal 2011 in Sao Paulo/Brazil. farrapinos take control of the boxes, interacting with the rest of the scene.

credits: Siedler Dance Company | Choreography: Territorios Imaginarios
pictured: Elke Siedler, Monica Siedler, Tiago Schmitz
art director: Beto Freitas
music: Alexei Leao
photo: Beto Freitas
first video: Luciana de Moraes
second video: Sesc Sao Paulo