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Fundamentals of New Media

Fall 2014 | McGill University

A theoretical and practical introduction to selected areas of music technology.

Topics include:

  • Sampling theory and digital audio systems;
  • Digital sound synthesis methods;
  • Digital Musical Instruments.

During this semester, I have organized a debate about the following media formats: CD, vinyl, and MP3. The students engaged in the activity bringing technical comparisons, cultural and economical aspects. It was indeed a rich experience for all of us. The tribunal counted with the valuable opinionĀ of several specialists:

  • Thor Kell (music hacker);
  • Mailis Rodrigues (music technologist);
  • Jason & JoeT (Detuned Transmissions label);
  • Darryl Cameron (DJ, music producer);
  • Stephen Sinclair (DJ radarsat-1);
  • Johnny Sullivan (MFA/Music Technology);
  • John Constantinides (label owner | music producer).
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